July 18, 2016 Salma Moosa 8Comment

We have been adopting the western ways very easily, especially the younger generation. We can see that with the adoption of theme restaurants, bars, gaming centers, and what not; we cannot avoid noticing the change. Then there are some people, pockets of them, being different; but then the larger waves always eat up the smaller ones, don’t they?

The reality is that this very core attitude of not-changing and the traditional approach of thinking like machines which has been there for years in us is now slowly spilling into Entrepreneurship as well. As a student, we are trained by our teachers and parents, never to ask questions, never to have your own opinion, never to do or speak anything that your heart wants, but follow. Several entrepreneurs are slowly bringing in this same culture in their startups as well. There are surely some who work and think differently but then the huge numbers supporting the no-change policy, just swallow the lesser numbers with ease.

We don’t question. We don’t question the system, the structure, the idea, the approach, the output or the outcome, including ourselves or our mentors; and when we stop questioning, is when we stop taking ownership of anything, we follow. There is no ownership or love for something which you are creating by just following. That is where the problem lies.

We the entrepreneurs must and I repeat, MUST, learn to question ourselves, our ideas, our minds, our team, our approach, our results and take ownership of the outcomes. Love your style of working, love the failures which you have faced with pride and move on to make greater things because you now have experience on your side and when you do this repeatedly, you start to fall in love with yourself, in love with your approach, your idea and most certainly with your startup. Once you have your heart into your startup, you cannot be stopped or slowed down; you cannot be forced to change course and you definitely cannot be stopped from succeeding because, it’s not the mind that is building something, it’s the heart.

What I write here it does not mean you must stop taking advice, take as much advice as you want, but do what your heart asks you to.

For a startup, the one most important thing it requires is that one Braveheart who will stand by it, no matter what, no matter if the whole team leaves, no matter if the whole industry comes crashing down, no matter if no investor wants to fund it, just does not matter if things look terrible. If that startup of yours has this one heart which keeps backing it up, putting trust in it, you will see one day that the heart will have company, your co-founder, then the two or more hearts will have a team and then without you even noticing it, you will have a village with you. Industries will get created, civilizations will be formed and all this will be only because, that idea had a heart backing it, now you can take a call if that heart is yours or not.

Don’t have a co-founder? Don’t have the money? Don’t have a team? Don’t have the resources? Don’t worry. Just have a heart backing your idea, you will see the dream, find the courage and the drive to find everything and more…

Let your startup idea first get a heart. Life is a testimony to the fact that everything which survives, survives because it has a beating heart in it.

If you agree or disagree, feel free to comment below and we could catch up for a cup of coffee to take your views.

  • Subhradeep

    So true Salma. We keep hearing that entrepreneurs getting challenged & questioned by the standard question “What’s new in your idea/venture?”. I personally feel if the venture has a heart (mostly the founder’s heart in the initial phase), be it through strategic thinking or execution excellence, the startup will figure out its path to success.

    • Salma

      Thank you Subhradeep for reading this piece and also supporting the thought. We need believers for this thought to take root in entrepreneurs thought process

  • shibani

    Wow salma… this article is spot on. You said it right…every idea needs a heart..after all its the heart that brings things to life☺
    What a brilliant yet simple way to sum things up… ur article pepped me and has given me the courage to hold on. Would love to connect with you to discuss my idea… Thanks! !!

    • Salma Moosa

      Thank you Shibani. We will surely catch up but first lets have a call. Every word in there is based out of experience and learning the hard way. Please subscribe and let us keep the thoughts flowing for all entrepreneurs.

  • Aravinth prabu

    Fantastic write. This article is a “Start up -CHECK”. Inspiring and gives lots of hope and Strength. Thank you for sharing! Best Wishes.

    • Salma Moosa

      Hey Aravinth,
      The best about this platform is that the readers get to put their posts and the contributors of the content get to share thoughts with the readers. That is the reason this is the only place you will find me writing on. Thanks so much and hope to one day have your experience shared on this platform.

  • Manav

    I agree with what you said … However i think (based on all the books i have read) entrepreneurship is not just about following one stupid idea just because you believed in it ….but It is all about solving a problem in the way your customer wants … Listening to what he thinks is important and that’s where the startups fail …

    • Salma Moosa

      True to an extent Manav. Thanks for your compliments and if you don’t mind, I would like to share my own experience here. For 7 years, I worked as a startup mentor and advisor, kept building a service which was focussed towards customer satisfaction. Then all most 4 years back, started something which was just my passion and love. Meeting with entrepreneurs and making them understand the core of ground level entrepreneurship. Had no clue that once day, that would become the only business I will be running and we would have customers/users/members wanting to be associated with us and take our offerings. So, for me, Passion, Love takes the vote at any point of time. Still, I respect your thoughts and would love catch up with you and discuss this in person. Good day..