August 3, 2016 Prateek Tandon 0Comment

Often time small businesses want to advertise in a small locality that they cater to. Even businesses like schools and restaurants want to advertise in their immediate vicinity. Most advertising formats including many of the digital solutions target an entire city. Given the number of such small businesses, a huge market exists. Nevertheless, the number of solutions that they can bank on are fairly limited.

As technology is increasingly disrupting every industry, Media & Advertising is also witnessing major innovation & emergence of new domains. Location-based advertising is one such new domain which is emerging strongly with the help of technology. It will become the key to the future advertising efforts of small & large businesses

Rather than spilling the marketing budgets all over the city; a location specific targeted advertising approach in the areas of  specific interest, is much more suitable businesses to reach out to relevant audience.


A NASSCOM 10K start-up ShopAdSpace has now taken location-based advertising to the street level in India, with just an app and Bangalore is the first city to get mapped on it. ShopAdSpace location-based Targeted Advertising app lets businesses promote their products or services across 15 categories of Ad Spaces.

The app, available Free on Play Store, sorts available ad spaces into a variety of Hyperlocal categories including cafes, tech parks, corporate offices, cinemas, malls and gyms. The service lets advertisers sharpen their aim to hit potential customers in a particular venue or part of a city to reduce or eliminate ads that reach unlikely shoppers. Currently the app can be used to advertise in the city of Bangalore, India.

ShopAdSpace App             ShopAdSpace App2

This location-based targeted advertising app also lets real estate owners offer ad spaces for advertising. In just few quick steps ad spaces can be live on the app ready to be taken up by Businesses to advertise. Till now the company has on-boarded 5000+ ad spaces in Bangalore including brands like Big Bazaar, Spencers, More Supermarket, Decathalons, Bhive Co-working spaces, Girias, Pai Electronics & 300+ Apartments as ad space vendors.

ShopAdSpace, launched in July 2015, is bringing a disruptive change in the offline advertising industry through the use of technology. They look to champion a newly created domain of advertising altogether – Hyperlocal Advertising.


The response to ShopAdSpace location-based Advertising app in Bangalore has been good so far with start-up ecosystem giants like TiE, NASSCOM & Startups Club coming forward to be a part of their journey in Bangalore. The traction that they have received in last 6 months has been very promising.

Users have been thrilled by the results that the platform has been able to deliver them. Advertisers as well as ad-space providers are delighted by the simplicity and the targeted nature of using the solutions.

Advertisers have found that they are able to reach their customers right where they live, commute or hangout. While the ad-space listers are very happy because listing their investors is easy and selling the inventory is extremely easy.