Starting a business can be hard and draining. We have been there…

Having experienced the process first hard we created Startups Club as a community platform for entrepreneurs, so that they would have a place where they could share, learn and grow together. Over the past years we have been able to expand this platform to cities across the country. Meetups and events tend to be local and entrepreneurs often require a voice beyond that; this prompted us to start Startups Club Post.

The Post will give our members an opportunity to talk about their businesses, their learnings and their challenges. It will also provide a means for them to reach out to the entire community and seek their thoughts and opinions. Apart from this we will also like to bring to light trends and policies that are changing and the effect that they would have on the eco-system and startups at large.

We put together a segment called the Reality Reports based on our experience at the ground level of the eco-system, and we hope to bring this to our entrepreneurs and members.

We wish to be driven by insight and learning. We want to ensure that our members are able to benefit from the same.

If you wish to share your startup story, thoughts, insights and challenges, please feel free to get in touch with us here.

Let us Post.